Tata Steel Sailing Club



The reservoir is over one mile long by approximately half a mile wide, where cruising can be enjoyed under the safe visibility of the on-duty safety boat crews

Tuesday evenings through the Spring and Summer months provide a safe environment for casual sailing as well as the opportunity to practice skills in a non-raciing environment.


Whatever your ability, the Lake is ideal for windsurfing in most wind directions, with a spacious grassy area for rigging, and an easy launching area.

You don’t have to worry about tides and you can enjoy the luxury of hot showers, hot drinks and the chance to have a chat with other members.


We have racing all year round at the club, as the resevior is warm enough to sail in without too much discomfort even in the winter months. During the warmer months we have racing three days a week as well as various class and club regattas

You will find club racing competitive and friendly at the same time in both the General Handicap Fleet as well as the well established Solo Class Fleet


TATA STEEL SAILING Traveller Series 2017



What a great weekend at Tenby.

Results can be seen at Tenby Results

Traveller's Series Results updated, see Results page to see the latest standings

Report to follow

Andrew Jenkins

The series incorporates five sea sailing venues across South Wales. Please contact any of the regular travellers of help or advice on how to get your boat to the various great venues

All club members are welcome to join in, If you need any more information on travelling, please email webmaster@tatasteelsailing.org.uk for advice and I'll try to point you in the right direction

TATA STEEL SAILING CLUB 2017 Regatta 29th and 30th APRIL



Results can now be found at 2017 Regatta Results


The Series winners are:

    Cheryl Wood, RS Vareo National Inlands Championship
    DJ and Sofie Edwards, General Handicap
    Sarah and David Green, Asymetric Fleet

Many thanks to all that contributed to the event and make it such a great weekend. I hope all enjoyed as much as we did

Photos can be seen on our gallery, courtesy of Joshua East. These are very much compressed versions of the originals, but a full sized version of any individual pictures can be sourced on request



  • Winners: Simon and Ben Hawkes
  • Runners Up: Ken Brown and Chris Butters
  • Third Place: Paul Heather and Jonathan Osgood

Well done all, full results are available on the Results Page

A full gallery of pictures can be seen via our Gallery Page

Check out Ben's cheekey video:


Frequently Asked Questions

No, anyone can join the club - not just Tata Steel employees! Associate Members make up the bulk of the club's membership
You can download an application form from this website or pick one up from the club. You are welcome to the club at any time we are open. Please look at the calendar to see when we are there
Times and dates vary through the seasons, check the calendar for planned activities. Might be an idea to contact a member first and arrange a visit, although you are very welcome to just turn up at any time we're there
Membership fees vary depending on your circumstances. Download the application form, it details the various offers. The Membership Secretary can help you choose the best option for you if you need help
We've had sailing members from 8 years old to 85. Physical fitness is more important than age. Sailing is one of those hobbies that suites all. You just need to pick the boat that suites you.